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TekFit Sports Mouthguards

Protect Patients, Produce Referrals

Custom sports mouthguards are the simple way to differentiate your practice and grow revenue. Patients who participate in activities such as football, baseball, hockey, wrestling and mixed martial arts have a lot to protect – their appearance, their health and their investment in their dental/orthodontic treatment.

Retail boil-and-bite mouthguards simply don't provide the custom fit needed for patient comfort and compliance. TekFit™ Custom Sports Mouthguards are pressure thermoformed for maximum internal adaptation.

We make it easy for you to offer your patients a wide selection of sports mouthguards, without investment in equipment, inventory or staff training. We provide a full range of options for low, medium and high-contact sports, as well as optional straps and cases. Patients can personalize their sports mouthguard with team/player name, number and logo. See our Custom Gallery for details.

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Number of sports for which the ADA recommends wearing a mouthguard

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Number of annual emergency room visits due to sports-related cranio-facial injuries

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Sports requiring mouthguards
per the NCAA:
field hockey,
ice hockey,
football and lacrosse

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Year mouthguards were mandated for high school football players

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Up to 39%
Dental injuries that are sports-related

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Dental injuries that occur to the front four maxillary teeth

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