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Herbst® Appliances

Correct Class II

Herbst® Appliances are used for the treatment of Class II malocclusions that are mandibular retrusive. The appliance consists of tubes and plungers that connect to, and pivot on, axles. The axles are soldered to either a wire framework, bands or stainless steel crowns. The tube and plunger assembly supports the mandible in the advanced position. As treatment progresses, additional mandibular advancement can be accomplished by placing "spacers" (small crimpable rings) onto the plunger, and crimping them at the base of the axles.

A range of Herbst® design options is available, including cantilevered, telescoping mechanisms and axles, with design options for permanent or mixed dentition. Various accessories such as rectangular or round archwire tubes, hooks for elastics, bands, Rollo™ Bands and crowns can be added upon request.

Herbst is not a trademark of DENTSPLY.

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"The Herbst is now the most commonly prescribed functional appliance
in the U.S."

Drs. Sanden, Pancherz & Hansen, Journal of Clinical Orthodontics, March, 2004

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