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Positioners are suited for achieving minor tooth movements or management of skeletal/dental development. Your set-up can be constructed to correct minor width discrepancies, close 3-5 mm of even spacing around an arch, slightly flatten the occlusal plane or increase the Curve of Spee.

Vertical overbite can be increased or decreased up to 2-3mm, or 8-10 degrees in anterior or axial inclination. Teeth are normally set with an ideal overjet, unless extreme changes are needed.

We recommend using our bracket carving service on any set-up. This enables placement of the positioner immediately following debanding of the case, enhancing patient cooperation.

Impak is not a trademark of DENTSPLY. Colors are for illustration purposes only. Actual color of product may vary.

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"...we find tooth positioners beneficial in finishing treatment."

Drs. Bowman and Carano, Journal of Clinical Orthodontics, April 2002

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