DentSply OrthoLab™. Orthodontic Laboratory Services.

Getting Started

1. Call to order a Starter Kit.

Please have your clinician license number ready when you call. Allow 5-7 business days for delivery of your Starter Kit.

1-855-9-OrthoLab or 1-855-967-8465

 2. Review the contents of your Kit.

When your Starter Kit arrives, take a few minutes to familiarize yourself and your staff with the contents. It includes everything you need to quickly and easily integrate DENTSPLY OrthoLab™ Services into your practice.

Your Starter Kit will include:

•  Welcome Letter
•  Catalog
•  Price List
•  Order Forms
•  Special Instructions Form
•  Selection Guide
•  Case Shipper Boxes
•  Prepaid 2-Day Express Shipping Labels 

 3. Send us your first case.

An initial supply of Order Forms, Case Shipper Boxes and Prepaid Shipping Labels is provided in your Starter Kit (we'll replace them as needed). Fill out the appropriate 3-part Order Form for the appliance you are ordering. Keep the Pink copy for your records. Send the White and Yellow copies to us, along with your patient records, inside a Case Shipper Box using a Prepaid Shipping Label.

 4. Prepare to be pleased!

Turnaround time for most cases is two weeks or less. Allow 2 days for your case to ship to the lab, 5-7 business days for appliance fabrication, and 2 days for shipment back to you. While your case is being processed, you may contact us at any time for assistance. Our highly-experienced staff is waiting to serve you!