DentSply OrthoLab™. Orthodontic Laboratory Services.

Expert. Reliable. Affordable.

DENTSPLY OrthoLab™ Laboratory is a full-service national lab that provides a wide spectrum of fixed and removable dental appliances. It is our goal to serve you by fabricating quality appliances to your specifications, with the highest level of integrity and responsiveness.

When it comes to your orthodontic laboratory needs, count on DENTSPLY to deliver what's most important to your practice. We offer the products you need and the expertise you demand, at prices that are competitive.

"…the highest quality appliances I've found in 21 years… very responsive to my clinical needs."

Dr. Ara Goshgarian, DDS

"…since I tried OrthoLab, I haven’t used any other lab…"

Dr. Nancy O'Neill, DDS

"You guys are great. Everything fits so nice."

Dr. William Engilman, DDS